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I'm ordering a second. This is a sports gaiter. The draw string allows a snug fit to your face and it stays put. The material is much cooler than others I've tried. That is an important comfort factor. The gaiter is well made. I will order a second so one can be rinsed and dry while I have the second to wear. NOTE. This is not medical grade. No gaiter is.
These sunglasses are of obvious quality. The hinges appear strong and are reverse spring loaded. The lens is dark but not too dark. They look great and I believe they will last. You would think that they are Italian made at the same factory that makes Oakley, Ray-Ban and Gucci but they are made in China. This does not mean they are not of the same quality but certainly not the same price. A nice bonus is that they included a coupon for a free set of sunglasses with no strings attached. So all and all 2 pairs of quality sunglasses for $21 is unheard off! If these ever break I will definitely purchase again.
My sister wears these all the time. I have them to her as a bday gift. Love!!
I loved this set! I wore it to prom and will definitely be wearing it more! I love that it’s not connected so you can pick and choose what ones you want to wear!
This purse is very nice. Looks like it is made well with adjustable straps as a bonus. Has an outside pocket and different sections in the interior, worked perfectly for me.
I've bought in the past Hanes ComfortSoft T-Shirts with a pocket in black (4-pack) and they were the best T-Shirts I've ever had. These are definitely NOT the same T-Shirts. Specifically the neck opening on these new T-Shirts is made for 2 people, not one. I understand some people might prefer loose neck, but Hanes for some reason have decided to use the same name for all kinds of completely different T-Shirt designs. How can we possibly know the kind of T-Shirts we are getting when their naming convention doesn't mean anything? Hanes, please pick a name for ONE kind of T-Shirt, manufacture the SAME kind of T-Shirts so we can keep spending our money on your products and please don't invent useless marketing words like FreshIQ. What will keep your constant flow of purchases is our 5 stars from being satisfied with your consistency in quality and manufacture of your products, not a pretty picture with a meaningless FreshIQ on it.
Good as base layer, or for house chores and errands.
Love them!!
More interior space than the plastic or aluminum ones
The best slim wallet. This is second to non in my opinion. Very well thought out design, with solid well stitched edges and enough slots for all your cards and cash. I am impressed.
Really cute earrings. Unfortunately, they were too small, so I had to return them. Gave them 4 stars as they were of good quality.
I love this purse. It is so light weight but it holds everything I put in my other purses. The other day I was even able to put a notebook inside it. I don't like it across my body. I prefer to have it hang on one side. But you could really do either. I just brought a purple now too. I hope it's as great as this one.
This is a nice crossbody. I have it in 2 colors. The first one I ordered the clasp broke and they sent a replacement. Then I ordered a brown one. The 3 compartments make it nice for my cell phone in one, money, credit cards in one and ladies essentials in the other.
fits like a glove
Not quite sure if this wallet is a real Coach, although it looks nice and good quality. The card holder runs a little narrow than most. But good overall.
Just as expected. Good quality can't wait to use it.
The color is more of a dusty rose almost lavender color but still really cute. The size is about 8" wide and 8" tall but it holds a ton of stuff. I love that you can turn it into a cross-body with the strap or you can use it as a mini backpack.
They all are way better in person! Planning to get more since I share these!
so cute!! and the perfect size :) just what i wanted
I ordered a pair of these in April to use as golf glasses. My friend liked them so much I ordered a pair for her also. It's now October and the pink coating is coming off. I used them twice a week when I played golf.
Dependable source to purchase
Great fix and good color. A real deal at this price!
Great belt. Looks great. I Love it.
Comfortable, lightweight, dries fast, good price & cool in the hot/humid weather.
I hate greasing up with sunscreen just to be able to do yardwork. This shirt, used in combination with some ultra lightweight cotton pants, wide-brim hat, neck shield and oil-free face sunscreen, makes it possible to brave the summer sun. The shirt is amazingly cool, even with temps north of 90. I bought a second one so I'd always have one clean and ready to go when I need it. Great product, great price.
Don't buy these if you're tall. I'm 6'5". After shrinking these shirts would not have tucked in well. They're too short for tall guys.
It fit great and is comfortable.
I get lots of compliments. My neck is pretty thin and this sits perfectly in my nape...where I wanted it. I have worn it nonstop since receiving about a month ago and it has held up without any chain issues. Many people I know have purchased this since seeing mine.
very happy with the sunglasses is what a is what i loking for is very good product ray ban with the color i like Green!
These fit over glasses as advertised, and do shield the light. However, one of the bows had popped out of the joint upon arrival. They were easy to fix, but the joints don't fit well, so it is likely a matter of time before they break.
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