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custom clothing labels vancouver_custom shirt labels wholesale

It doesn’t roll as smoothly as I thought it would, but nevertheless it like stress ball on your finger!
Also I don’t wear it that often but it’s worn down a bit
Nice quality
Still comfy
Todos los años compro el mismo producto y siempre está bueno.
My hubby likes this rain coat, because he can sit on wet surfaces and have a dry bottom! It breathes nicely and has held up well during this season in very rainy California,
Very good wallet
I love my new hat. It fits well and looks great. Don’t hesitate to order from Life is Good. Everything I buy from them is high quality and comfortable.
Although the short fit well, & look great! I was Disappointed on Main seam Couch areea not being sewn correctly. After Holidays I will request a return for another pair shorts.
Sincerely Nelson
There is no like about this belt I LOVE THIS BELT
Ive Never owned a hoody that fit so awkwardly, too baggy in the torso, cuffs are weirdly tight and i have really small wrists for an XL guy.
These were too small.
Love The Sak. Have 3 of them. I use it as a wallet with the long or short strap. Or I put it right in my large tote. Everything fits perfectly including my iphone Highly recommend
So cheaply made I was embarrassed to give these as presents!!! Looks cheap!!!
Beyond comfortable! Fits great good quality.
Fit and look great
These are the softest most comfortable underwear I’ve ever had. I used to just buy the cheap stuff but had issues with ripping. These don’t rip and fit very well!
Great socks and the material looks they will last awhile.
I LOVE these! I have at least a dozen pairs. They wear well and wash well.
Add pockets
Fit is good and they have long inseam
love the wallet,i was shipped 2 ordered 1
Good work pants. Fit TTS and hold up to the daily grind.
Love this headband. I'm not one for wearing headbands, because they usually are too tight on my head and feel uncomfortable. This one, though, is very comfortable. The fabric is lightweight and breathes very, very well. It's elastic enough to hold my headphones in my ears, but not feel like my ears are being crushed. It absorbs sweat very well while not getting stinky if you don't wash it daily. Definitely don't recommend leaving it too gross for too long, though.
I have swelling at my ankles. felt good compression, I need them above my ankles. Knee highs work better gut it summer. thanks for trying. glr
This is a great product. Waist fits as expected but be aware, it can be somewhat narrower in the thighs. Versatile with zipped side pockets and deep front pockets. I really like them. They are my 2nd pair.
Great quality and wash well
These sweatpants are cut for a female, NOT a male.
I love these socks, they’re comfortable and warm and keep my feet pretty dry. I still sweat, but that’s just me. Let’s see if they are too warm for summer, I’ve only had them through the winter months.
Nice looking glasses but screw came out (and was lost) within two weeks of owning them.
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