Autumn Colours Women's Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit|customize converse philippines_sneakers converse pink

customize converse philippines_sneakers converse pink

I just had Lasik and have to wear 100% UVA & UVB sunglasses outside for the next 6 months. These work great. Comfortable & not super dark so I can still wear them on cloudier days.
Haha didn’t pay the 100$ the school was charging for their cap and gown and you couldn’t tell it apart from other gowns
So far this cute bag has worked out perfectly for transporting my office/banking supplies daily. It's the perfect size. I love that it's made of the tarp-like material. It's so durable and easy to clean.
Allergic to metal, so this belt definitely works for me.
The posts are a little long, as some reviewers noted, but it's not really bothersome, I don't think. Perfect for my three lobe piercings on each side!
It’s amazing when you buy a product online and actually is the way you want I’m so happy with this product
They are thin and stretched long.
I got this as a gift for my dad and it fit. I liked that t had the mesh part on the sides of the top for ventilation. The brim is also firm, but still a bit floppy, so it holds its shape with a curve starting at the ears towards the back when worn.
they fit well
Very comfortable socks, helps keep your feet dry. I dont sweat as much when I wear them. They help keep my feet warm as well in the winter.
My bag was missing the loop on the right side to attach the shoulder strap. There is one on the left side as noted in the picture above but not one on the right side. The seller’s image of the bag shows both loops for the shoulder strap. There is also a large crack in the leather on the right side near the zipper as shown in the photo above.
I love the color! I also love how soft the leather....
Got those for Christmas pajamas
Soft and correctly sized. Coolzone lets the boys chill.
Very comfortable socks
I had to wash before first use because of a noticeable chemical smell. It washed well on regular, warm temp, dried in the dryer. Then it was fine.

I wanted this mainly for winter walks and hiking in extreme cold, dry air. Inhaling the cold air, especially if breathing hard from exercising causes discomfort at times. A scarf over the nose and mouth is awkward and gets damp and frosty, and inhibits air flow. The bit of protection this face mask provides is a good alternative. It warms the air you're breathing just enough for greater comfort but solves the other issues a scarf causes.

The hood portion is okay. It fit me well enough. For truly cold weather I would put a wool hat underneath and a scarf around the neck.

Good piece of gear to have in your car in the winter.
Camel toe
Great jeans, rugged and very durable. I accidentally ordered the darker looking jeans prior and even though they were Levi they were very light and didn’t feel like they were made for heavy construction work.
Fit perfectly I really enjoy them
Was as described, nie and comfortable.
No complaint
They are very comfortable, and have not shrunk as many t-shirts do after the very first wash.
I bought myself these pants in a medium, but they're slightly too big. Other than that, I'm comfortable wearing them.
Beautiful bracelet! Sturdy quality! Doesn’t look or feel cheap! Can’t wait to for Christmas Day so my friend can see it! Would recommend!
I have been wearing this belt for a while and I love it, but I have to make sure I listen for it to click in place. If I don't, it will come undone and I don't usually notice until I get up to walk somewhere!
I'm size 32, and order one of 32, on the label it says 32 but it looks like size 29
Mine husband works on bridges and has to wear a hard hat. He said that he has had hardly any sweat run down in his eyes. Wants more.
About $10.00 for 4 pairs of good looking functional reading glasses at any strength you desire. What is NOT to like. I order a set of four and like them so much I am ordering another set of four. At that price why not have a set in every room, car and office.
I have been wearing them for about a week and can see no issues at all.
Badly sewn to narrow at top
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