One Island one sakura with a horizon Women's Tote Bag|best custom t shirt brands_top custom t shirt brands

best custom t shirt brands_top custom t shirt brands

Extremely well made! Very sturdy buckle mechanism that lays completely flat when buckled.
Just a fair warning they tangle a lot. I thought it was one piece, but it's 3 separate necklaces. Still, they're super cute.
great product
I've bought Dickie's Crew Socks in the XL size at Walmart for our older son who wears a 15 shoe. They've always fit him great. Recently I haven't been able to find them at Walmart so I was pleased to find them on Amazon.

These "XL" socks on Amazon fit my other son, who wears a size 12, and my older son couldn't even get them past his ankle. I'm very disappointed that these are being sold as XL socks when they are just the normal 9-12 size sock. If I hadn't already washed them before I noticed, I would return them.
I paid $6.99 back in 1961 for the first pair of 501 Levi's I bought at a store named Geist's on Union Ave., in Portland Or.
They were made in San Francisco not Viet Nam. . .So it appears it really wasn't necessary for me to be sent to Viet Nam.
The denim cloth was quite a bit heavier back then and you needed to wash them 3-4 times to get the shrinkage right.
Black Converse All-stars and Levi's (ironed! and above your ass!) were all the rage in those days; surprised they still resonate today.
Wonderful! I was a little wary buying them, since I have a wide head. Its hard to find any kind of glasses that fit without being to tight. These are perfect! They fit, and they stay well seated without digging into my temples. Also seem to be very well constructed. Ill update in a couple months, but after a week of wearing them at work, I highly recommend!
Many compliments on the purse. I wish the middle divider was more attached. It has a tendency to sink to the bottom of the purse. Holds a lot and still looks beautiful.
Comfy socks,although after a few washes seems brittle. Also make my feet sweat. Doesn't absorb it my feet feel kinda slippery in between toes mid day
To all my cyclists enthusiasts, who also have big legs, body building buddies, and guys who have small waists, but don't like tight fits on their seat or quads-the PERFECT FIT!
Well it’s a Christmas present for my son in law actually. And trust me it will be perfect!! Ty for a one of a kind 🤗
I love it but it is pretty long.
They look exactly like the picture! Very nice glasses.
Wear these in an active walking job. Bought both medium and large. The mediums band felt too tight but after a bunch of wears and washes the band loosened up enough. Medium keeps everything in place for the most part at 32 waist. These don't have too big of crotch room so you'll get the occasional side fall. That happens when I wear the large after a few hours.
I haven't carried it yet but it looks great and I'm fixin to put my things in it. The strap is great and it's big so it should work out well

Update on previous reply: I really love my bag, it holds all my stuff and looks great. I do wish the snap on the outside pocket was magnetic; I'm having a heck of a time getting it snapped...just me?
I would definitely buy again!
Love this purse. Just the right size. Has a place for everything I need.
The fabric is a little flimsy, not sure he will be warm enough. Seems more of a summer weight.
Great product and very comfortable. A little big for a women’s head but my husband loves it and it fits him perfectly.
Perfect fit
Super comfortable!
Good fit, comfortable and seem to be well made.
Too large. I bought mine on nike s website they have more choice for runners.
Great pants
These are not Levi denim jeans. the fabric is like a thin canvas, much lighter weight than denim. These should clearly state that these are not Levi denim products. They are quite wrinkled out of the dryer....... you need to iron them if you want them to look straight and not rumpled.
This is one of the most useless traps I've ever used; rats can easily get the bait off the trap without tripping it. The problem is with how the paddle is designed. You can set the trap, push the plunger all the way down to the trap surface and it doesn't trip. The rat would have to be drunk and fall onto the trap before it would go off.
These were exactly what I was looking for, plenty of room, wash well
They are pretty but not durable at all meaning regular use for when I'm wearing sandals. I have lost 3 of them and didn't even know they came off and one of them came apart in my hands so I really don't even bother with them anymore.
Fabric is light and colors are vivid.
Wear a size 11 shoe and these are way too small
Very pretty and dainty. Feels like good quality
I purchased these T-shirts for my husband who is very muscular - typically wears an extra large shirt, however wears T-shirts in large. The shirt was a great fit; he loves them! Haven’t washed them yet, but they look too nice to be undershirts!
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