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designer shoes giuseppe_designer shoes gucci

Fit as expected, and it's very comfortable
New??? No tags $.77 left in a pocket
It’s very nice quality for the price. Love the color and the liner inside. Lots of pockets. My only compliant is that it’s very narrow. I have a larger sized wallet and it takes up quite a bit of room in this bag. For the size of this purse you’d think it would fit more stuff. Aside from that, though, I’m happy with it.
The shirt arrived on time, fit well around the chest and stomach and the material was comfortable. It held its shape through the first wash/dry. The reason I did not give it five stars is that although it is longer than a regular XL size, it could use another inch or two.
Great product. Very satisfied with my purchase. Would recommend to buy.
Works great!
I now check the cloth content label and it is NOT 100% cotton. I have noticed several vendors who do this bait and switch. Do the vendors rely on the customer believing that the original description is accurate and that the customer will not inspect the fabric content label with the extremely small print? This bait and switch fabric content scam has been happening to me more and more lately.
This purse was not a good purchase. I bought it because I liked the idea I could go to a club or on a date and have easy access to my phone and money. Once my phone was in it was nearly impossible to pull it out again. I couldn’t use my phone to take pictures because of the difficulty so I had to carry my phone in my purse. Not happy with this at all. Wish I could have given it no stars.
The Bracelet itself is very pretty. It is just to small. I don't think it is going to fit the wrist of my grandchild and she is only turning 7.
I used these as shirts below my uniform short sleeve shirt at the AT&T Golf Tournament this year and they work great. I purchased large ones (I'm 5'9'', 165 lbs) and they were very comfortable. The make great shirts to wear below short sleeve polos.
Good but run a bit small, wish I had ordered him one size larger
Not 100% cotton--though the tag states this falsely. I purchased them in black, and these have to be a 60/40 blend. They are very roughly textured even after washing twice. They legs are very long and didn't shrink at all after going through the dryer twice. This tells me they have to be a polyester/cotton blend at best.
These socks wore out quickly. Had to replace all 6 pair within 3 months.
I like the fit and form and the great price of this t-shirt.
Only half were worth keeping
These were just as described. Perfect fit and wear. I am going to get a pair to leave in each of my vehicles.
These are awesome shorts! I've been wearing their stretch Zion pants and shorts for years and can't say enough good things about them. Great quality, durability, and function. They are really comfortable with the crotch gusset and stretch fabric.
Love the style of this backpack, but the one I received the strap are off. One side is longer than the other. I've also notice the bottom of the bag rubbing against my back which is uncomfortable after using it for a day.
Both my son and grandson have size 14 feet and their "no show" socks always slide off their heal. These arrived and they are both thrilled. The fit is generous and the socks are a high quality, very soft and a little padded for comfort. Both are saying "THANK YOU" with big hugs for finding them. Highly recommend for men who do not fit in the standard size.
Love these earrings. Not heavy. Very cute
Great fit and comfortable...
The top was way too big and the bottoms were way too little
Good quality of pants. Not much to say except they are good material and Inhaven wkrn them dozen of time and they last.
Excellent quality and very professional customer service. Have purchased again and would be very happy to recommend buying from your company. Thank you
The design of the boxer is not what was posted. I got some really ugly patterns. The material doesn’t feel like cotton, it’s really rough, I washed it but still really rough. Almost like it’s fake. I wouldn’t recommend buying these just get it at a brick and mortar store, at least you know what you’re getting.
There's no twist
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