Vibrant Multicolored Abstract Print Women's Bow Front Bikinis Swimsuit|design shoes nyc_design nike shoes online

design shoes nyc_design nike shoes online

Retains shape for the shading of face, and rain displacement.
Great durable product.
Good fit
Perfect for travel, wash them at night and hang to dry-they will be dry and ready to wear next morning.
Seemed to be a half size bigger. Made by Amazon Essentials it felt and looked nice. Wanted to exchange it for a medium and amazon said to just keep it and refunded my money.
Material is great. People think it cost more than what I paid! Would buy again and definitely recommend!
Good work socks, no unnecessary seams
These are great. And with Prime I had them in two days. Awesome.
Started buying Drivers in the mid-90s. I'm the kind who likes to buy quality products that last rather than value products that I might have to replace. I still have my first pair of Drivers! The only reason I've bought different pairs through the years is--they go out of style! That's quality in my book. These don't disappoint. They live up to the same high quality and visual clarity. My personal taste is the non-polarized gradient lens. Perfect for all sorts of weather and lighting. The gradient blocks light but allows you to see well at the car instrument panel or a book for example. And the non-polarized doesn't interfere with cell phone screens, etc. I've always loved the Drivers. I love these, too. Just waiting for my first pair to come back into fashion!
love these, fit great
The shirts SHRINK in length to a ridiculously short size. Look into Tall shirts instead.
Since Under Armour stopped making there "Charged" T-shirts ( Cotton performance blend) I have been trying out similar versions from other companies. I work in the office and outside, so I need something decent looking but still able to handle the dirt and sweat outside. These have the same weight as Under Armour, they are offered in a verity of colors, and you cant beat the price. I have only been wearing them a short time so I cannot comment on how long they hold up. But overall I am will be buying more of these.
Awful quality. Way overpriced for what you get.
Good value
I bought these shirts in both white and fluorescent yellow to wear on an assignment in the Caribbean for sun protection. I know, boo hoo, but believe me, the scorching sun and heat is beyond bearable when you are working. They worked great! I kept my head covered and these shirts both kept me from getting sunburned and also kept me cool once they were saturated by sweat, which took all of 2-3 minutes normally. Nice thing about the shirt is that it does get wet with sweat, but is also does not get heavy and sag like cotton tees. I would recommend these to anyone wanting sun protection and a way to keep cooler in hot working conditions. 5 stars for sure!!
Too small for me but great backpack
good fit good quality.
Supplies for my boy in college , he loves them
Great buy
Love love love these shades! They are men’s but I felt that they fit me just like I like my sunglasses to. Definitely going to order more colors! I’m super picky with my sunglasses so it was nice to find a company that I could keep buying from and not super expensive.
Guys, it's guaranteed to get you out of the dog house!
The size of the wallet lets me keep my cards in order and money.
Love how simple this bag is. And though it feels floppy, it's surprisingly durable
It’s actually very cheap looking and feeling. Feels flimsy on and the plastic frame made me think they were children’s sun glasses at first.
These are of a nice quality, thick cotton , and sit a couple of inches above the ankle. I often wear dress boots, or chukkas and I wear them instead of dress socks sometimes. I don't like how some socks bind my calves. I'd recommend these socks to anyone looking for above the ankle. If you want something smaller be sure to get the now show
Fits very nice love gunna have to order more
Good product
Fit great!
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