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footwear design job london_shoe design jobs melbourne

Good sock. Comfortable and absorbent. A tad short for my taste, thus only four stars.
Made a great gift
too small. Ill be returning
OMG... it's gorgeous, I get so many compliments!!! I really love the colors and hire study this tote is!🙂🙃😉
This shirt fits great and is made of a soft material and also washes very well, no wrinkles. Love it! I received it on time and in great shape, thanks!
The color I bought is called "Green". It's more like a mixture of teal and gray. Really pretty. Doesn't look baby blue, it's more on the gray side with a hint of blue/green. Sophisticated color similar to that of high end designer bags on the market today. Not bright or cheap looking.

I bought this for my mom for Xmas and she was really happy about the pockets. She wanted a purse with 200 pockets, so this was a good choice for her because you can't tell that it has so many pockets, which is good, because i'm guessing most people don't want their purse to look like a tactical bag.

I usually purchase the higher end genuine leather bags, and I was surprised at how well this purse is made considering the price.

For those of you that don't know, PU leather is not real leather. It is synthetic, made of polyurethane, but it looks and feels exactly like genuine leather. Polyurethane is widely used in the majority of accessories, belts, handbags, wallets, and jackets that you see in stores. It is more expensive and harder to find genuine leather items these days. Because of the good workmanship and quality put into this bag, it should last you just as long, if not longer, then a genuine leather handbag. PU leather is also easier to clean.

My mother ruined her other lovely genuine lambskin purse because she is very careless. I replaced it for her this Xmas, and I made her agree to switch back and forth between the lambskin and this one, so she doesn't completely destroy the lambskin one by dragging it through the rain lol.
Just what I was looking for. I like larger frame prescription hlasses and these work great over them. Comfortable and not heavy. Stylish and NOT Old lady looking!
Everyone loved this shirt!!
nice fit, the last glasses I had squeezed my head too much, these don't. I will buy these again when I inevitably loose them.
What I was expecting
This backpack purse is so so so so cute. The material feels high end. The stitching and hardware is durable. The size is perfect. Not too big not too small. My wallet fits easily with not too much and not too little room to spare. There’s storage on the inside with two zipper pockets and one open pocket on the inside. There’s also a zipper pocket on the back. It’s really a great buy and crazy that it only cost $28. If you’re debating on buying just go for it. You won’t regret it.
Loved them
Thought this was a pretty decent belt, but just fell apart today. The release clip broke off for no apparent reason. The belt itself still looks good, but does not hold my pants up anymore.
Fit as expected. Ideal for hot summer countries in the like of 100 deg. Farenheit. However the fabric is quit thin so durability may be compromised. The fabric is often allmost transparent-like (light shines through). So thats how they skimped on price. Very comfortable though just because of the light fabric - but durability?
Lasts about 10-15 wearing then it is yellowed and loses form
Loved it but only got to wear it for a couple days before it busted.
Traveling through Europe and even the USA one becames very aware of those people trying to scan your cards/phone/passport. So, to stay vigilant I wanted a RFID wallet. In the past I’d just use a separate holder for my cards and passport and then just a coin purse for money. This gem I’m covered..... No more carrying multiple wallets. I just got it and had MORE THAN ENOUGH slots for the few ID’s I carry. I have an area for my passport, coins, cash, and business cards I wanted to save. It looks great and no weird smells. I’m super stoked!
Bonus, I got the cute little owl necklace with my wallet that I didn’t order.
Wallet scratched easy and spring clip kept falling out
Lots of compartments to keep me organized. Bag is designed to maximize storage, so it holds a lot.
Great purchase!
Cheap and flimsy not Oakley quality.
My dad got one and he looked so slimmer when he wore it.
Product worked as advertised. I purchased the extender to be able to add extra keys. The 2-10 key holder ket, seems like it can hold 7 regular keys and the loop ring.
I would suggest taking the time to sort the keys by size / style to work the best.
I believe there could be better video instructions on how to use the spaces and accessories.

I put a Nite Ize S-Biner Key hook on the end to quickly detach my car key as needed.
Love how they fit and how comfortable they are!
Great bag for the money. Bought in red and I love that one too!
Good shirt, a bit large.
Great purse. Good quality. Love it so far.
This is a good belt. It's a little more pricey than other belts like it, but I purchased other belts like it that were cheaper, and there's a reason this is more expensive. The others didn't last and I can already tell this is a superior belt. No risk, here.
Fades easily
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